Developing Considerstion,Respect and Tolerance

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 03/07/2006
ISBN: 9781412919630
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Quick overview This resource helps students aged 5 to 12 in cultivating their talents, proactive problem-solving, positive social orientation, and establishing a sense of belonging.
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The four books in the series provide a whole-school values based programme for young people from five to 12 years of age. They are designed to assist in the creation of wellbeing and resilience in students by introducing and developing a range of values and behaviours that will assist with social and emotional health. The series is well differentiated and follow a similar format. The introduction is followed by guidance on how to use the materials with links to curriculum areas. There are comprehensive teacher notes on each theme. The themes are based around stories which will engage young people and these are accompanied by worksheets and follow up activities. Each book can be used individually or together as a complete programme to promote pro-social values. All the books will help young people to: o Have a sense of belonging; o Identify their talents; o Develop proactive problem solving; o Enhance positive social orientation; o Encourage an optimistic sense of fun. This book develops the twelve themes from the infant books. Each theme includes objectives, discussion, a relevant story and a choice of four application sheets which involve both individual and group activity.

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