Democracy in Europe

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 07/06/2001
ISBN: 9780140287936
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Quick overview Rejecting both nostalgia for the nation state and thoughtless optimism, Larry Siedenop sets out to explore the practical implications of government on a continental scale.
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Britain and much of Europe is hynptized by the struggle between integrationists and nation-starters, and is set to drift towards "unification" with little idea of its consitutional options. In ths text, Siedentop sets out the key issues for those who wish to construct a Europe that is prosperous, fair and free. rejecting knee-jerk hostility to the idea of a "united states of Europe", Siedentop argues that the main enemy of freedom at national level is precisely the kind of unaccountable, dirigiste and bureaucratic government now developing in Brussels. In its place he champions a steady and openly debated progress towards sovereign democratic institutions which combines a Jeffersonian committment to democracy with a very British attachment to gradual reform and pragmatic government.

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