Critical Care Nursing 2ed

Binding: 7
Pages: 552
Pub Date: 11/08/2005
ISBN: 9780198525875
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Quick overview Ecompasses the knowledge, skills, and expertise required when nursing a critically ill patient. This work highlights priorities of care and principles of management in a range of problems common in the ICU. It aims to benefit the readers with strong clinical foundation and high levels of expertise, with a strong nursing emphasis.
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An essential practical guide to all nurses working in intensive care. The second edition of this popular textbook encompasses the knowledge, skills and expertise employed in nursing the critically ill patient. It highlights the priorities of care and the principles of management in a range of problems common in the ICU. The reader will benefit from the strong clinical foundation and the high level of expertise of the authors. Emphasis is placed on the nursing aspects of a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for the critically ill patient. The structure of the book allows new students to understand the physiology underlying the patient's condition before concentrating on the priorities of interventions and nursing care.

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