Author: Case, Steve
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 952
Pub Date: 30/03/2017
ISBN: 9780198736752
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Quick overview Criminology is a textbook with a new approach, both student-focused and research-engaged. Written for today's students, it provides the framework of knowledge core to exploring, understanding, and explaining crime. The goal is simple and bold - to help the next generation of criminologists to be switched-on, excited, and critical.
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CRIMINOLOGY. Thorough. Engaging. Distinctive. 'From the moment you begin to study criminology, you should consider yourself a criminologist' Steve Case, Chapter 2 Criminology is a core, introductory textbook that takes students further. From the first chapter, students are encouraged to regard themselves as producers of criminological knowledge. Starting from the basics, the book takes students on a journey through the subject. This begins with what crime is and the theories that try to explain it, through society's response to crime, and ultimately to how to carry out independent research and plan first steps in a career. The critical, applied approach is emphasized through some of the many features that are integrated throughout the book. These include conversations with authentic voices from the field, compelling personal insights from the authors, and challenges to students to question assumptions, apply knowledge and critically reflect on their personal viewpoints. The ultimate goal behind Criminology is a bold, important, and ambitious one.
Both student-focused and research engaged, the purpose of the book is to contribute towards producing the next generation of criminologists who are switched-on, excited, active, and - above all - critical. Online Resource Centre Criminology is accompanied by an Online Resource Centre containing the following resources: - Additional chapters on the criminal justice systems in the UK's devolved jurisdictions - Selected further readings and web links - Over 100 multiple choice questions - Advice on 'decoding' academic articles - Numerous time-saving resources for teaching staff

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