Criminal Justcie and Political Cultures: National and International Di

Binding: Hardback
Pages: 288
Pub Date: 01/01/2004
ISBN: 9781843920267
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Quick overview This work examines the process of policy transfer and reception. How are particular slogans ("zero tolerance policing"), gadgets, technical vocabularies ("electronic monitoring") and rhetoric ("war against crime") spread from one place to another, and what new meanings do they take on?
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As crime increasingly crosses national boundaries, and international co-operation takes firmer shape, so the development of ideas and policy on the control of crime has become an increasingly international and transnational affair. These developments call attention not just to the many points of convergence in the languages and practices of crime control but also to their persistent differences. This book is concerned both with the very specific issue of 'policy transfer' within the crime control arena, and with the issues raised by a more broadly conceptualized idea of comparative policy analysis. The contributions in the book examine the different ways in which ostensibly similar vocabularies, policies and practices are taken up and applied in the distinct settings they encounter.

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