Counselling for Progressive Disability

Binding: 7
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 29/02/2004
ISBN: 9781857758986
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Quick overview Providing real insight into the experience of working with clients with progressive disabilities, this book uses dialogue, with thoughts and feelings in boxed comments, to illustrate the person-centred approach.
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Coming to terms with a progressive disabling disease can be a struggle, not only for the personal nature of pain, but the stressful impact that it can have on family and friends. This book sets out to provide the reader with an experience of working with a person suffering progressive disability, both in the early stages and at an advanced and more disabling stage, from a person-centred theoretical perspective. Using fictitious dialogue it provides a real insight into what can occur during counselling sessions, based on case studies at different stages of a progressive disabling disease. Reflections on the process and points for discussion are included to stimulate further thought and debate and; supervision as well as counselling is covered to aid further professional development. Counselling for Progressive Disability: person-centred dialogues will be of value to many health and social care professionals who work with people with progressive disability.

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