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    Anti-discriminatory Practice: A Guide for Those Working with Children and Young People 3ed

    £23.39 £25.99
    A guide to promoting inclusive practice in childcare and educational settings taking into account children's cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds. It covers topics such as: race, religion and culture; major religions beliefs; the role of play and development; and identity and self-esteem.

    Applied Linguistics and Materials Development

    £58.49 £64.99
    Applies applied linguistic theories to the development of materials for language learning to add new depth to the field.

    Arab-Israeli Conflict

    £19.79 £21.99
    A guide that explains what the term Arab-Israeli Conflict refers to, providing a description of the situation, its origins, as well as the people involved and their motivations. It examines key questions such as the importance of Jerusalem, borders and the West Bank, settlements, terrorism, Palestinian and more.

    Atheism;guide for the perplexed

    £19.79 £21.99
    Investigating what the atheists mean when they use the words 'atheism' and 'God', this book explores the differences and similarities between 'old' and 'new' atheism, and places atheism of either variety in context by examining the naturalistic worldview that grounds it. It also examines various arguments against God-belief.

    A-Z of School Improvement

    £27.00 £30.00


    £22.49 £24.99
    Presents a critique of the increasing potential of science and technology to destroy the roots of culture and the value of the individual human being, from the perspective of Michel Henry's philosophy of life. This book develops a critique of capitalism, technology and education and provides insight into the political implications of Henry's work.

    Barefoot Disciple

    £11.69 £12.99
    In our celebrity-obsessed culture, humility is unfashionable and too often dismissed or confused with the cringing, false humility of Uriah Heep. This title shows that when genuine humility is energised by real passion, fresh and exciting light is shone on the challenge of following Jesus Christ and humility is rediscovered as a healthy virtue.

    Behaviour Guru: Behaviour Management Solutions for Teachers

    £17.99 £19.99
    Teaching isn't all about teaching, new teachers quickly realize that they need to be lion tamers too. This title tells teachers what the teacher training didn't, and offers strategies for dealing with the common, and extreme, classroom scenarios. It helps teachers, old and new, to assert their authority in the classroom.

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