Conquest and Colonisation 2ed

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
Pub Date: 24/05/2013
ISBN: 9780230279414
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Quick overview Golding investigates the Norman Conquest from a number of perspectives, examining the dynamics of colonisation and the wide-ranging effects of the Norman settlement. Revised, updated and expanded, this new edition of an established text now incorporates the latest research and contains more on key areas such as towns, gender and the peasantry.
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1066 is still one of the most memorable dates in British history. In this accessible text, Brian Golding explores the background to the Norman invasion, the process of colonisation, and the impact of the Normans on English society. Thoroughly revised and updated in light of the latest scholarship, the Second Edition of this established text features entirely new sections on: * the colonisation of towns * women and the Conquest * the impact of the Conquest on the peasantry. Ideal for students, scholars and general readers alike, Conquest and Colonisation is an essential introduction to this pivotal period in British history.

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