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Connect!: How to Inspire, Influence and Energise Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Author: Lancaster, Simon
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 368
Pub Date: 09/06/2022
ISBN: 9781788706438
Availability: Available for delivery in 48 hours
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Quick overview A brand new guide to communicating for success by making immediate and indelible connections: it's How to Win Friends and Influence People crossed with Talk Like Ted.
Product description

Why do some people radiate energy when they speak while others fizzle out? How do some writers make us turn the page whilst others make us feel like closing the book? What makes some colleagues so memorable whilst others are instantly forgettable?

One of the world's top speechwriters, Simon Lancaster, explains that the secret of brilliant communication is all down to making connections, connecting the personal to the universal, the past to the present, and the mundane to the meaningful; thereby bypassing logic and immediately accessing people's deepest instincts and emotions.

* Use positive visualisation techniques for success
* Explore the best methods of communication to connect and inspire your audience
* Use 'We' and 'Us' to inspire connection, rather than 'Me' and 'I'

* Influence people to do what you want by harnessing the power of storytelling
* Link statistics to symbols to connect with your audience's instinctive brain
* Got a funny story? Easily influence others by using humour

* Connect reason with rhythm - it's not just what you say but how you say it
* Use metaphors to connect the abstract with the everyday to powerfully transmit your message
* Create a positive vision to energise your audience

Connect! reveals this art of making immediate and indelible connections, blending cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient rhetoric and brain-training exercises to give you everything you need to become a brilliant communicator.

Connect! is the definitive guide to making immediate and indelible connections with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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