Chronic Pain

Author: Harold Koenig
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 328
Pub Date: 11/12/2002
ISBN: 9780789016393
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Quick overview An examination of the comprehensive management of chronic pain, this text incorporates biomedical, surgical, psychological, social and spiritual perspectives.
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Help your clients achieve victory over chronic pain and lead more fulfilling lives! This insightful and informative book will help you deliver better pain management services to the people you care for. Incorporating biomedical, surgical, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives, it provides vital, up-to-date information about how to reduce physical pain and explores techniques for improving people's ability to cope with it. Helpful tables provide easy access to information on medications for pain and managing side effects. Chronic Pain: Biomedical and Spiritual Approaches is filled with resources for the person in pain and for the health or religious professionals working to help them. It gives you very specific suggestions on how to manage chronic pain, including detailed information about medications, alternative therapies, psychological treatments, and spiritual strategies for pain management. The book is completed by two thoughtful appendixes: one examining pain medications and ways to manage their side effects and the other providing scriptural passages that can comfort those in pain.
In addition to his experiences treating patients with chronic pain, the author suffers from chronic pain and disability himself. In this very personal book, he explores ways to help people coping with: * low back pain * fibromyalgia * rheumatologic pain * headaches * the pain of multiple sclerosis * other types of chronic unrelenting painChronic Pain: Biomedical and Spiritual Approaches can help people in pain and their families by showing them how to lead satisfying, joy-filled lives--whether their pain goes away or not. It is an essential reference book for everyone who works with pain sufferers as well as patients and their families!

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