Christopher Hill's The World Turned Upside Down

Author: Bhogal, Harman
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 94
Pub Date: 15/07/2017
ISBN: 9781912128440
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Quick overview Christopher Hill turned thinking about the English Civil Wars (1642-51) on its head with The World Turned Upside Down.
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Few works of history have succeeded so completely in forcing their readers to take a fresh look at the evidence as Christopher Hill's The World Turned Upside Down - and that achievement is rooted firmly in Hill's exceptional problem-solving skills.
Traditional interpretations of the English Civil War concentrated heavily on a top-down analysis of the doings of king and parliament. Hill looked at `history from below,' focusing instead on the ways in which the people of Britain saw the society they lived in and nurtured hopes for a better future. Failing to understand these factors - and the impact they had on the origins and outcomes of the wars of the 1640s - means failing to understand the historical period. In this sense, Hill's influential work is a great example of the problem-solving skills of asking productive questions and generating alternative possibilities. It forced a generation of historians to re-evaluate the things they thought they knew about a key pivot point in British history - and went on to influence the generations that came after them.

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