Chemistry of Natural Products: A Unified Approach 2ed

Author: Krishnaswamy, N. R.
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 432
Pub Date: 24/09/2010
ISBN: 9781439849651
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Tutor: Alec Forsyth
Department: School of Human & Life Sciences
Product description

The second edition of a bestseller, this book discusses the common structural and stereochemical features of naturally occurring organic compounds. It includes a variety of examples to illustrate varied aspects so that the range of structure and behavior exhibited by these compounds is retained within the set framework. The author explores the increasing application of physical (spectroscopic) methods like IR, NMR, CD, ORD, MS, and High Resolution Mass Spectroscopy without undermining the importance of classical chemical methods. The section on problem solving helps to develop an analytical and critical evaluation of the data.

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