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    Introduction to Agronomy: Food, Crops, and Environment

    £78.29 £86.99
    Suitable for students interested in what are arguably the most profoundly important issues - from the basics of safe and sustainable food and fiber production to big picture topics such as energy, ecology, and environmental quality.

    Outcomes BrE Advanced Student's Book Split B + Class DVD-ROM 2e

    £26.55 £29.50

    Outcomes BrE Intermediate Student's Book Split A + Class DVD-ROM 2e

    £20.25 £22.50

    Outcomes BrE Pre-Intermediate Student's Book Split A + Class DVD-ROM 2e

    £20.25 £22.50

    Outcomes BrE Upper-Intermediate Student's Book Split A + Class DVD-ROM 2e

    £20.25 £22.50

    Principles of Radiographic Positioning and Procedures Pocket Guide

    £47.69 £52.99
    A comprehensive resource for radiography. It includes a reference to appropriate positioning procedures, radiation protection standards, and space for recording technical exposure factors, and a practical technique system guide. It provides the information necessary to remind the radiographer of the basic procedural details.

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