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    Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People

    £11.69 £12.99
    What if the annoying person you try to avoid is actually an accidental saint in your life? Tattooed, angry, and profane, Nadia Bolz-Weber stubbornly, sometimes hilariously, resists the God she feels called to serve. But God keeps showing up in the least likely of people-a church-loving agnostic, a drag queen, and a gun-toting member of the NRA.

    Being Christian in Education: Faith Perspectives on Practice and Policy

    £17.99 £19.99
    Experienced practitioners, theologians and academics reflect on the Christian voice as it engages in education today. At a time of national uncertainty for RE, questions about faith-based schools and the place of religious belief in the public arena, this volume offers a creative exploration of the future for Christian engagement in education.

    Cranky, Beautiful Faith

    £11.69 £12.99
    Former stand-up comic and unlikely pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber blends sardonic irreverence and brilliant theology as she relates her unusual journey of faith, offering a fresh and uncompromising look at the transformative power of grace. This compassionate book portrays both church and seekers as deeply flawed yet deeply faithful.

    Don't just do something sit there: Developing Children's Spiritual Awareness

    £5.59 £7.99
    Mary Stone explains clearly and in detail how teachers can help a class not used to 'just sitting there,' to learn the skills of being physically and mentally still, yet alert and able to concentrate.

    In Search of the Lost: The Modern Martyrs of Melanesia

    £11.69 £12.99
    From 1990-2005, Richard Carter, a British priest, was tutor, chaplain to the Melanesian Brotherhood, eventually becoming a brother himself. This book is based on his diaries from the agonizing time for the Community. It tells the story of the loss of seven good, young and holy lives and the aftermath of those deaths.

    Meaning is in the Waiting

    £8.99 £9.99
    Paula Gooder provides a profoundly biblical guide to the season of Advent, exploring its central theme of waiting in the company of the biblical characters who feature prominently in the lectionary readings for the season.

    New English Hymnal

    £28.80 £32.00
    Includes general hymns; hymns for feasts, seasons and saints' days; office hymns for the liturgical year; an enlarged eucharistic section; responsorial psalms; and a new English folk mass setting.

    Thirty Nine New Articles

    £15.29 £16.99
    Thirty Nine New Articles offers a vision of a fresh, generous, contemporary Anglican faith and life. Inspired by the original Thirty Nine Articles of Religion, the Church of England's historic statement of belief, it explores thirty-nine beliefs and practices that characterize Anglicanism today and the issues it grapples with.

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