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Canterbury Catch Club 1826: Music in the Frame

Paperback, 01/01/2019, £80.99
In 1825, an enterprising Canterbury newsagent by the name of Henry Ward raised a subscription to commission a lasting tribute to his beloved musical society.

Nigeria, a Country under Siege: Issues of Conflict and its Management

Hardback, 08/02/2018, £64.99
This volume offers a comprehensive assessment of the problem of conflict and its methods of management in Nigeria's contemporary democracy. It represents a compendium of resourceful studies provided by experts on conflict studies from various disciplines across the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Contemporary Challenges to Human Rights Law

Hardback, 05/05/2020, £70.99
This collection of essays highlights the many problems and challenges facing human rights law today. Bringing together academics, practitioners and NGOs, it examines some of the contemporary challenges facing human rights law and practice in England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France and America.

The Professional Doctorate in Education: Activism, Transformation and Practice

Hardback, 01/02/2022, £61.99
The book explores and analyses, from a variety of conceptual perspectives, the encounters with self and others that professional doctorate programmes in education both necessitate and enable. It documents the ways in which professional identities, bodies of knowledge and practices are thereby challenged, renegotiated and strengthened.

What Do You See?: International Perspectives on Children's Book Illustration

Paperback, 20/08/2008, £25.99
This extensively illustrated book is a collection of the papers given at the 2007 annual conference of the British section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and the National Centre for Research in Children's Literature (NCRCL) MA course, Roehampton University London.

Public Offices, Personal Demands: Capability in Governance in the Seventeenth-century Dutch Republic

Hardback, 18/06/2009, £39.99
Public Offices, Personal Demands presents a novel perspective on European politics in the seventeenth-century. Its focus lies on the Dutch Republic, that surprising anomaly, often described as a miracle or enigma, admired by many during this age.

Nationalism, Ethnicity, Citizenship: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Hardback, 01/04/2011, £39.99
Nationalism, ethnicity and citizenship lie at the heart of many of the societal changes that are currently transforming countries across the world.

Performative Inter-Actions in African Theatre 3: Making Space, Rethinking Drama and Theatre in Africa

Hardback, 22/10/2013, £39.99
This book is part of a three-volume book-set published under the general title of Performative Inter-Actions in African Theatre. Each of the three books in the set has a unique subtitle that works to better focus its content, and differentiates it from the other two volumes.
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