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    Basics - A Beginner's Guide to Stage Sound

    £8.96 £9.95

    Practical Guide to Health and Safety in the Entertainment Industry

    £13.46 £14.95

    Prophets of Progress: Saint Simon, Comte & Spencer: Pioneers of Sociology

    £11.66 £12.95
    The focus of this book is on three nineteenth century theorists, Henri Saint Simon, August Comte and Herbert Spencer. It builds a clear understanding of important concepts of this era, and provides a social and historical context to the formative ideas of the theorists.

    Sociological Thinking: A new Introduction 2ed

    £15.26 £16.95

    Stage Lighting for Theatre Designers

    £16.16 £17.95

    Terrorism and Extremism

    £5.36 £5.95

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