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    Collected Poems

    £11.66 £12.95
    One of the most important and yet neglected 20th-century women poets is restored to her rightful place in the modernist tradition with this original collection, which operates on both a mythic and a domestic level.

    Collected Poems: Gillian Clarke

    £13.49 £14.99
    A collection of poems by Gillian Clarke. Carcanet have also published her "Selected Poems" (1985), "Letting in the Rumour" (1989), and "The King of Britain's Daughter" (1993).

    Curriculum Vitae: A Volume of Autobiography

    £11.69 £12.99
    Muriel Sparks's celebrated autobiography with a preface by the poet and biographer Elaine Feinstein.

    District Commissioner's Dreams

    £8.06 £8.95
    This volume is an integrated collection in which Gregory Woods returns to the themes of obsession, possession and violence. In its explorations of masculinity, the opening section draws on struggles for power in ancient and more recent history.

    Essence of the Brontes: A Compilation with Essays

    £11.66 £12.95
    First published in 1993, this book brings together Muriel Spark's writings on the Bronte sisters, including a selection of their letters and a selection of Emily Bronte's poems.

    First of the Last Chances

    £8.96 £9.95
    Poet Sophie Hannah returns with a collection of poems that explore and celebrate strong feelings: love, hate, anger, hope - and which strip away the veils of hypocrisy and pretence from all aspects of everyday life.

    Hero and the Girl Next Door

    £10.79 £11.99
    A collection of high-spirited poems. The poet considers herself a city person who prefers shopping, eating and romance to hopping over cowpats on a country walk.

    Hotels Like Houses

    £8.96 £9.95
    This collection provides a range of romantic ironies. Sophie Hannah's poems move beyond satire to the heart of modern matter: loves, lusts, losses, and the foibles of contemporary life.


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