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By Rowan and Yew

Author: Harrison, Melissa
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Pub Date: 07/10/2021
Publisher: UNKNOWN
ISBN: 9781913322137
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Quick overview As autumn begins, Moss and the Hidden Folk friends travel to their former home in Ash Row, to find the rare mortal child who can both see and talk to them. Can they prove the Wild World still needs guardians?
Product description

The breathtaking sequel to the stunning By Ash, Oak
and Thorn from acclaimed nature writer and Costa Award-shortlisted
novelist Melissa Harrison.
As autumn arrives, Moss, Sorrel, Burnet and Dormer decide to return
home to Ash Row to unravel a riddle that might explain why
their kind are fading from the Wild World. When you're only one-hand
high, it's a journey filled with both danger and delight:
golden leaves, shiny conkers and the brightest of berries, but also
storms and the first frost of winter. They have friendship,
good sense and humour on their side, but will it be enough to secure
a future for the Hidden Folk? Or will they need to go further,
and find a way to work with the most unreliable of creatures ...

A tale of disappearing wilderness that
couldn't be more relevant in today's environmental crisis, brought
to life for children by three tiny, funny, eternal beings -
the hidden folk.


'Timely and
magical, it will open the young reader's eyes to the wonders of
the natural world.' NATASHA FARRANT

'Each page brims with the wonder of our natural world, so
much to learn but all a sheer delight.' PIERS TORDAY

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