Business Environment: Themes and Issues in a Globalizing World 4ed

Author: Wetherly, Paul (Reader in Politics, Leed
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 536
Pub Date: 12/04/2018
Publisher: O.U.P.
ISBN: 9780198739920
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Tutor: Karen Hilliger
Department: CCCU Business School
Quick overview The only book with a 'themes and issues' approach that encourages critical engagement with contemporary debates in the business environment.
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Written by an eminent author team whose expertise spans the full breadth of the subject, The Business Environment provides comprehensive coverage and sound academic insight. The unique 'themes and issues' approach provides students with a consistent and holistic framework for analysing businesses and the business environment, as well as a reliable method to organize their thinking. The core business environments and their interrelationships are explored using the established STEEPLE framework in Part One. Part Two then looks beyond these topics and invites students to analyse a range of contemporary issues such as globalization, corporate power, equal opportunity, and entrepreneurship.

A host of examples, "Mini-Cases," and end-of-chapter case studies illustrate key topics in real-life, international, and wide-ranging business settings. Unilever's corporate responsibility policy, Samsung and South Korean economic development, and Starbucks on sustainability are just some of the topical cases. "Stop and Think" boxes and end-of-chapter review and discussion questions help students develop critical thinking skills, while further reading and useful websites provide the starting point for research and exploration.


For Students:
*Multiple-choice questions
*Author podcasts

For Instructors:
*Figures and tables from the text
*Lecturer's guide to each chapter
*PowerPoint slides
*Answers to review and discussion questions
*Test bank

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