Bully Prevention

Binding: 7
Pages: 200
Pub Date: 30/01/2002
ISBN: 9781575178387
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Quick overview Formerly a SkyLight publicationThis guide for school leaders and educators defines the bully-victim-witness relationship and provides concrete steps to take with each of these parties.
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Bullying in school used to be dismissed as an unpleasant rite of passage. Today, educators, parents, and children recognize the damage bullying can inflict, and schools are charged with creating a safe environment for all students. With Bully Prevention: Tips and Strategies for School Leaders and Classroom Teachers, Barton has created a guide for school leaders and educators that defines the bully-victim-witness relationship and offers guidelines for identifying bullying behaviours in the classroom.

This text outlines how educators can intervene using conflict resolution techniques and methods for developing students' social skills, and also provides strategies for creating an anti-bullying programme within a safe school context, analyzes anti-bullying initiatives, and includes sample bullying prevention programmes.

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