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    British Presidency

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    ISBN: 9780719050169
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    Pub Date19/10/2000
    Publisher: Manchester University Press
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    Tony Blair's premiership has not only reaffirmed trends towards leader-centred parties and governments, it is a stage in the development of a genuine British presidency. The argument here is that the American presidency illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of an emergent British presidency.

    Makes a compelling argument about the increrased importance of political leaders and the changing style of leadership in Britain and the US. Introduces new concepts and backs them up with a convincing argument about the existence of a British 'presidency'. Completely up-to-date - the first convincing analysis of Tony Blair's leadership style. Locates the emergence of the New Labour project and its defining ideal of strong leadership within the context of Margaret Thatcher's conviction politics and the dysfunctional premiership of John Major. Concludes that Blair's rise to power and his dominating presence in government represents a decisive precedent and the standard against which his competitors and successors will be judge.