Body Studies: The Basics

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 158
Pub Date: 15/07/2014
ISBN: 9780415696203
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Product description

Consideration of the body as a subject for study has increased in recent years with new technologies, forms of modification, debates about obesity and issues of age being brought into focus by the media. Drawing on contemporary culture, Body Studies: The Basics introduces readers to the key concerns and debates surrounding the study of the sociological body, cutting across disciplines to cover topics which include: * Nature vs. Culture: how we 'build' and transform our bodies * Conformity and resistance in bodily practice * Issues of body image - beauty, diet, exercise and age * Sporting bodies and the pursuit of ideals * Enfreakment, disability and monstrosity * Cyborgs and virtual online bodies With further reading signposted throughout, this accessible book is essential reading for anyone studying the body through the lens of sociology, cultural studies, sports studies, media studies and gender studies; and all those with an interest in how the physical body can be a social construct.

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