Battle of Britain and the Blitz

Pages: 144
Pub Date: 18/07/2002
ISBN: 9781854798565
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Quick overview This series combines text based largely on eyewitness accounts lodged in the archives of the Imperial War Museum, with a CD based on actual recordings held in the same archives. This volume relives the Battle of Britain.
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By June 1940 Britain faced the enemy across the English Channel with an anxious sense that very little kept her from being subjugated by the overwhelming might of the Nazi forces. What rescued the country was the Royal Air Force's triumph in the Battle of Britain, and the encouragement and endurement of the people who lived, worked and suffered under the Luftwaffe's Blitz which, almost nightly from September 1940 until May 1941, rained destruction upon London and other major cities - only to do so again in later campaigns that culminated in the launching of the Nazis' V1 and V2 'revenge weapons'. Based on eyewitness reminiscences, The Battle of Britain and the Blitz relives those desperate times in the words of pilots, ground crew and other airmen and airwomen, firefighters, air-raid wardens, radar operators, spotters, anti-aircraft gunners, Red Cross, YMCA and other voluntary workers, and civilians - old and young, male and female - who between them helped to ensure that Britain survived to fight another day and, ultimately, to win.

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