Baby Room: Principles, Policy and Practice

Author: Goouch, Kathy
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 168
Pub Date: 01/03/2013
ISBN: 9780335246366
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Quick overview Drawing on research, The Baby Room considers development issues and research areas concerned with and in relation to the care and development of babies and very young children, with a focus on talk, relationships and environments.
Product description

This book considers babies' development with a view to disseminating good practice in out-of-home daycare for babies and young children. It is informed by a research and development project - the Baby Room Project - which examined the practices, attitudes and qualifications of those working with the youngest children in formal daycare settings. Drawing on unique snapshots of practice and original research evidence the book considers development issues related to the care of babies and creates a 'Baby Room Charter'. It explores key aspects of practice that nourish and support babies and very young children in day care settings as well as in other less formal arrangements.
In particular, the book focuses on: Baby care professionals: how policy and practice interact is examined as well as thorny issues of professional identity, supporting frequently inexperienced practitioners, and training Relationships: the range and complexity of relationships within and around baby rooms and involving babies are considered, including practitioners' own wellbeing Talk: this theme, which is highlighted as absolutely central to baby room practice, is fully explored with challenging evidence from practice Environments: the spaces and places within which adults and babies play, relate and relax are examined with clear recommendations for practiceEssential reading for all early years students and professionals, The Baby Room celebrates the commitment, energy and care that baby room practitioners dedicate to their work.

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