BBC National Short Story Award 2021
  BBC National Short Story Award 2021
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Folk Horror

Paperback, 07/03/2017, £18.99


Paperback, 01/05/2017, £14.99
David Carter examines Christopher Nolan's Inception (2010) in terms of its blurring the distinctions between genres and its explorations of the nature of the mind and how dreams are related to the conscious and unconscious mind. He also considers it in the context of the director's other work.

Studying Hammer Horror

Paperback, 01/05/2010, £9.99

Blade Runner

Paperback, 01/07/2016, £14.99
Sean Redmond excavates the many significances of Blade Runner (1982): its breakthrough use of special effects as a narrative tool; its revolutionary representation of the future city; its treatment of racial and sexual politics; and its unique status as a text whose meaning was fundamentally altered in its re-released forms.

Studying Hot Fuzz

Paperback, 01/09/2015, £14.99
Neil Archer considers to what extent a modestly funded film such as this can be considered 'British' at all

Doing Text: Media After the Subject

Paperback, 01/07/2016, £30.00
This collection re-imagines the study of English and media in a way that decentralises the text (e.g. Across the chapters, the authors present applicable learning and teaching strategies that weave together art works, films, social practices, creativity, 'viral' media, theater, TV, social media, videogames, and literature.

Studying Blade Runner

Paperback, 05/11/2003, £17.00
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