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Assessment for Learning Without Limits

Author: Peacock, Alison
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 176
Pub Date: 01/07/2016
ISBN: 9780335261369
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Tutor: Graham Birrell
Department: School of Teacher Education & Development
Quick overview Inspirational stories of pAractice showing how children can achieve progress in keeping with the principles of Learning without Limits.
Product description

This book draws on the seminal Learning without Limits project which researched learning environments free from the damaging effects of fixed ability labelling, thinking and practices (Hart et al 2004). Alongside the notion of 'transformability' that permeates Learning without Limits, the assumption that intelligence is fixed is at last also being robustly challenged and the door is ajar within English primary schools to consider alternatives to the existing practice of ability grouping and labelling of children by numbers and grades. This book builds on Creating Learning without Limits (Swann et al, 2012) which tells the story of how one primary school community, led by Alison Peacock, worked to build a learning environment that was inclusive and enabling for everyone. The new book includes inspirational stories of practice across many schools where children achieve progress because their teachers have been brave enough to respond to the voices of children and trust them to learn, in keeping with the principles of Learning without Limits.

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