Asian Future: Dialogues for Change: Pt. 1

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 20/01/2005
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781842773437
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Quick overview Radical Asian perspectives on globalization and Western development.
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For several decades the Western model of development has been criticized forcefully within Asia. But there has been little intellectual articulation of what the alternatives might be - at micro and macro level - from an Asian perspective. Do the various communities in Asia share anything significant beyond an abhorrence of the local effects of globalization and Western dominance? These two volumes bring together the ideas and experiences of some of Asia's outstanding intellectuals and social activists from diverse traditions and faiths. Through in-depth interviews and dialogues an understanding of shared spiritual, social and ecological values emerges. The fourteen contributors have each lived through political upheaval and periods of gross human rights violations. Their common ground is a passionate commitment to achieve change in society, including social justice and ecological sustainability. These are the voices of considered, engaged action and transition in Asia today.

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