Applied Drama

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
Pub Date: 15/07/2014
ISBN: 9781137003959
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Quick overview Helen Nicholson examines the ways in which drama and theatre have been applied to different community and educational contexts. This new edition provides vivid examples of contemporary practice and explores how practitioners confront questions of community, citizenship and globalisation in theatre that is orientated towards social change.
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Applied Drama offers an insight into theatre-making that takes place in communities across the world. It considers the role of artists who work in challenging settings, including prisons, schools, hostels for the homeless, care homes for the elderly and on the street. In this updated second edition, Helen Nicholson provides vivid new examples of practice, and addresses twenty-first century concerns about the environments in which applied theatre takes place. Ideal for students and practitioners, this lively study poses critical questions about the aesthetics and ethics of applied theatre. It invites debate about the social role of theatre, and explores how interventionist theatre might maintain its radicalism in an increasingly globalized world.

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