Any Ideas?: Tips and Techniques to Help You Think Creatively

Author: Eastaway, Rob
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160
Pub Date: 16/03/2017
Publisher: Watkins Media
ISBN: 9781786780218
Availability: In stock
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Quick overview Whatever your goals, the ideas and techniques in this book can help you to unleash your imagination, overcome challenges and realize your most ambitions dreams - in short it will help you think outside the box!
Product description

Every great creation starts with an idea, but where does that special spark come from? What do you do when your mind goes blank? And how do you recognise the ideas that are worth taking further?This is a book about how to have ideas - on your own, or with other people - and how to nurture them.Packed with tips, mind games and practical techniques, Rob Eastaway provides down-to-earth insights on how to think creatively and solve problems in your professional and personal life.Find out how to: * solve problems more effectively* evaluate and build on ideas* brainstorm successfully* overcome "idea killers"* turn ideas into actions

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