Antisemitism: here and now

Author: Lipstadt, Deborah E.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 304
Pub Date: 22/01/2019
Publisher: Scribe Publications
ISBN: 9781925228670
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Product description

An argumentative, controversial analysis of the new antisemitism, by the historian who defeated David Irving in court.

Anti-Jewish violence and vandalism have been on the rise in Europe in the last five years. Deborah Lipstadt asks, `Does this mean we are returning to the brutality of the 1930s?' `No', is her initial answer, quickly followed by: `It's complicated.'

Connecting different currents in contemporary culture, such as the resurgence of racist right-wing nationalisms, left-liberal tolerance of hostility to Jews, the plight of the Palestinians, the relationship of antisemitism to anti-Zionism, and the rise of Islamic extremism, Lipstadt explores how contradictory forces have found common scapegoats. Lucid and convincing, Antisemitism will calm the fearful, rouse the complacent, and demand a response from readers.

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