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    Anthropology: The Basics

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    ISBN: 9780415331203
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    AuthorMetcalf, Peter
    Pub Date08/09/2005
    Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
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    Explains and explores anthropological ideas, key anthropological thinkers, concepts and themes, and the history of anthropological ideas. The author argues that the issues anthropology deals with are all around us - in magazines, newspapers and on television.

    The ultimate guide for the student encountering anthropology for the first time, Anthropology: The Basics explains and explores key anthropological concepts including:

    what is anthropology?
    how can we distinguish cultural differences from physical ones?
    what is culture, anyway?
    how do anthropologists study culture?
    what are the key theories and approaches used today?
    How has the discipline changed over time?

    This student-friendly text provides an overview of the fundamental principles of anthropology and is an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to learn more about this fascinating subject.