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    Anomalistic Psychology: Exploring Paranormal Belief and Experience

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    ISBN: 9781403995711
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    AuthorFrench, Christopher C.
    Pub Date01/11/2013
    Publisher: Palgrave USA
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    From alien encounters to visions of ghosts, this introduction to anomalistic psychology explores the fascinating area of the psychology of belief in paranormal phenomena. Engaging and accessible, it considers empirical evidence from a variety of psychological perspectives, including from clinical, developmental and cognitive psychology.

    The science behind claims of alien encounters and visions of ghosts can be even more fascinating than the sensationalist headlines. What leads some people to believe in the paranormal? Why might someone think they have been abducted by aliens? And is there any room for superstition in the modern world of science?Anomalistic Psychology* Provides a lively and thought-provoking introduction to the psychology underlying paranormal belief and experience* Covers the latest psychological theories and experiments, and examines the science at the heart of the subject* Uses a unique approach to apply different psychological perspectives - including clinical, developmental and cognitive approaches - to shed new light on the key debatesWhether you are a psychology student or simply curious about the paranormal, Anomalistic Psychology is the essential introduction to this contested and controversial field. Belief in the paranormal has been reported in every known society since the dawn of time - find out why.