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    Animal Cognition:Evolution, Behavior and Cognition 3ed

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    ISBN: 9781137611260
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    AuthorWynne, Clive D. L.
    Pub Date30/11/2020
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    Thoroughly updated for its third edition with the latest research in the field, this innovative text delivers an apt and comprehensive introduction to the rich and complex world of animal behaviour and cognition. Discover pivotal case studies and experiments that have irrevocably shaped how we view the psychological and social lives of animals and discover such key cognitive topics as memory, communication and sensory perception. Projecting an insightful scope into the cognitive world of animals, from considering the use of tools in birds to the dance communication system of the honey bee, Wynne and Udell analyse and explain the importance of the observations and studies that have led to the greater understanding of how animals learn, perceive social relations, form concepts, experience time and navigate space.

    Written by two leading researchers in the field, including the author of the best-selling popular science book Dog is Love, this textbook is a complete resource for students of animal cognition, animal behaviour or comparative psychology.