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    An Adventurer's Guide to Ancient Egypt

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    ISBN: 9780241471876
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    AuthorThomas, Isabel
    Pub Date18/04/2024
    Publisher: HAMISH HAMILTON
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    Set out on a time-travelling expedition to Ancient Egypt!

    Fetch your backpack and join adventurer Mia on a spectacular journey down the Nile, meeting the very first pharaoh, visiting the Great Pyramid and unearthing some animal mummies!

    Along the route, you can find out about:

    - the Nile river
    - how to write in hieroglyphs
    - the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt
    - mummies, pyramids and the afterlife
    - family life and school
    - the Battle of Kadesh
    - staying healthy
    - the last pharaohs

    With astonishing facts and interactive activities, this captivating book will excite and inspire the adventurers of the future.