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    Alternative Capitalisms Geography of Emerging Regions

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    ISBN: 9780340763216
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    Pub Date30/05/2003
    Publisher: TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD
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    This unique book aims to examine the effects of globalization and economic and political transformations in those parts of the world which are now regularly referred to as 'emerging regions'.

    The Geography of Emerging Regions provides an in-depth and stimulating introduction to the histories and contemporary development problems of the non-core countries of the world economy. Dramatic shifts in economic policy and the nature of political institutions have occurred in these countries over the past decade, much more substantial than those experienced within advanced economies. Here, the authors assess the impact of these shifts at different scales of analysis, from the supranational to the local. Drawing on the experience of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Latin America and East Asia in particular, the authors seek to illuminate the many contradictions in contemporary discourse on the so-called 'emerging regions', and look forward to the future and the type of world that might develop away from the core advanced economies.