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    Al Murray the Pub Landlord Says Think Yourself British

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    ISBN: 9780340924822
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    AuthorMURRAY AL
    Pub Date22/07/2010
    Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
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    Bestselling author of THE BOOK OF BRITISH COMMON SENSE, the Pub Landlord brings you the last Help Yourself book you will ever need.

    Tired? Listless? Devoid of purpose? Drifting? Tongue like sandpaper? That's a hangover, most likely. And the chances are you caned it last night because, like so many others in Broken Britain, you have lost your way. It's time to help yourself and Think Yourself British. After all, what could be more British than helping yourself? There are four key stages: - Realising that you have a problem - Identifying your problem - Identifying the solution - Being arsed to do something about it Think Yourself British is the last Help Yourself book you will ever need. (remember to pay for it, though, don't just help yourself)